SONY DSCBunda has been actively involved in the development of Assisted Reproduction Technology program, or Assisted Reproductive Technology, since 1992. But the program Fertilizsation In Vitro (IVF) or commonly known as IVF program was introduced after several years of exploration and development.

Dr. Rizal Sini, SpOG as the originator of Assisted Reproductive Technology program at RSIA Bunda Jakarta perform searches over the years in some IVF clinics in neighboring countries to establish cooperation in the development of services fertility problems.

In the end a cooperation agreement with the clinic was built between RSIA Bunda Jakarta Repromed Australia, the center of the largest IVF program in Australia.

The partnership that was built in 1997 bore the name Fertility Clinic Morula as a fertility service center in Indonesia. Morula is a stage of embryonic development that illustrates the ability or readiness to develop further embryo into a fetus.

Morula was built with great dedication in helping couples to resolve fertility problems experienced. Medical standards by utilizing the latest technology, clinicians and medical staff trained to provide services in a professional manner has made fertility Fertility Clinic Morula be the foremost and recognized its success by the public and the medical community in Indonesia.

11 KB 3 ( Eleven Criteria Good Mother Culture )

  1. Knowledgeable About Jobs
  2. Skilled Work
  3. Labour productivity
  4. Spirited
  5. Disciplined
  6. Doing Honest and Trustworthy
  7. Working closely inter Fellow
  8. Responsible Employment
  9. Ideas, Innovate, Plan to act and dare risk
  10. Spirited Leaders
  11. Loyalty / Faithfulness

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