Nicu_01The room NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) is an intensive care unit for babies (up to age 28 days) and children who require treatment and special care, to prevent and treat the occurrence of the failure of vital organs.

NICU in RSIA Bunda Jakarta has been treating patients annually about 250-300 patients every year. Unit care for high-risk infants with disorders and other serious complications. The maximum capacity of the room is a 7 bed NICU and has received many referrals from other hospitals. NICU services in RSIA Bunda Jakarta has a NICU transport team composed of the NICU nurses and doctors who in some cases can also do a shuttle patient.

Most babies are cared for respiratory disorders, premature, congenital abnormalities, etc.. Prematurity is the second most cases obtained in NICU care in RSIA Bunda Jakarta. The smallest weight premature infants who have been successfully treated was a 26-week-old baby weighing 870 grams.

NICU is useful to observe the newborn intensive:

  1. Getting oxygen therapy
  2. Getting intravenous therapy
  3. Feeding through a tool

Medical services performed by NICU RSIA Bunda Jakarta is the care level I, II and III which consists of treatment with mechanical ventilation (ventilator), transfusion rate, treatment of premature infants, care surgery cases and congenital abnormalities, music therapy and infant care other risky.

While the room PICU in RSIA Bunda Jakarta is intensive care for children who need special care. Children who should be treated in the PICU are those who have:

  1. Acute respiratory problems
  2. serious accident
  3. complication
  4. Organ dysfunction

RSIA Bunda Jakarta has 4 beds very adequate with full equipment therein are also used to support the PICU care facilities.

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