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Robotic Surgery is a form of the development of medical technology that uses a robotic system to assist the surgical procedure. Although it is equipped robotic computer, the system is not able to make their own decisions in surgery, so doctors experts still play a role in the action operations.

The surgeon uses a computer system to control a robotic arm and end-effector, and can also use telemanipulators for input. One of the advantages of using a computerized method is that the surgeon does not have to be present in the operating room, the surgeon could be anywhere diseluruhi world, and it is possible to perform operations remotely. In the case of open surgery are now using the instrument of steel, to stretch the ribs can be much smoother if done with robots, motion controlled feedback can be done compared to using human hands. The main objective of these great instruments is to reduce or eliminate trauma networks that are usually acquired in terbuka.Keterampilan operation can be obtained by surgeons with training possibilities were just minutes away.


Because the price of this machine is very expensive and, of course, the price is also expensive. Singapore in Southeast Asia that has this machine first. For Indonesia RSIA Bunda Jakarta is the first.

The main advantages of robotic surgery are :

  • Some major advantages of robotic surgery are precision
  • Smaller incisions
  • Reducing blood loss
  • Quicker recovery times, shorten the length of postoperative
  • Lower morbidity
  • satisfaction with the higher operating result

Another advantage compared to ordinary manipulation is a three-dimensional magnification and more ergonomic. The use of robotic surgery also minimizes interference due to vibration doctor’s hand while dissecting or stitch to close the wound.


Robotic Surgery The world is already very broad and carried out to the various branches of science such as Obstetrics, Oncology, Urology, Thorax Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, however, for in RSIA Bunda Jakarta, for the first step of action to do is:

  • myoma uteri
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Hysterectomy (lift the uterus)
  • Prostate cancer
  • Colon cancer

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Team doctor Robotic Surgery Indonesia has achieved the first 200 cases in Indonesia

Patients are aware of finding the best alternative to reduce the risk of surgery through robotic surgery

As a pioneer hospital that implemented Robotic Surgery technology in Indonesia since early 2012, Bunda Jakarta Hospital under the auspices of BundaMedik Healthcare System, reaching more than 200 first cases in Indonesia. Robotic Surgery at RS Bunda Jakarta is handled by ARMIS (Advanced Robotic and Minimally Invasive Surgery) team of RS Bunda Jakarta.

RS Bunda Jakarta, which prioritizes the best health and medical services supported by the provision of the latest technology-based facilities, has become a hospital that accommodates the shift of the current era of digitalization with the application of technology responses in various health and medical facilities owned and became the first to introduce Robotic Surgery technology To modern Indonesian society.

Robotic surgery is a surgery that uses robotic hand technology that becomes an arm of the surgeon. This action uses a very small incision wound that is connected to the surgeon via fiber fibreoptic to the Surgeon Console (simulator). This sophisticated toolbox is still operated by a surgeon with complete control (NOT BY ROBOT).

Since its introduction in early 2012, Robotic Surgical technology has become the choice of patients in conducting the surgery. This action is effective, efficient and beneficial for the patient as it can reduce the incision (cosmetic) incision, increase the accuracy and high accuracy to provide optimal operating results.

In addition, many advantages of other Robotic Surgery that patients can enjoy include reducing the risk of injury, making it easier for surgeons to make trouble, and can include areas that are difficult to spot and minimize postoperative trauma.

Minimal pain and a very rapid recovery make robotic surgery a reason to choose for patients all these years. This is evidenced by the very fast recovery period for relatively complex operating operations during this time. Although Robotic Surgery technology is not yet applicable to all cost-related operating processes, Robotic Surgery technology is proven to be effective and appropriate in complex cases such as prostate surgery, endometriosis cyst surgery, myoma, cervical uterine, uterine cancer and intestinal surgery.

Robotic surgery at RS Bunda during this show the average satisfaction with the outcome both from the side of the patient or from the surgeon’s side. But keep in mind that there is no full guarantee for the success of robotic surgery let alone when done on a high-risk operation. The risks and complications of surgery will always be present in every medical action. Expected by robotic surgery this risk can be minimized.

At the beginning of his journey although not many know the benefits of Robotic Surgery, but by implementing intensive recognition strategy and understanding of Intensive Robotic Surgery to the patients and integrated training to ARMIS doctors team conducted by RS Bunda Jakarta finally yielded encouraging results, The high awareness of surgical patients who entrust their surgical operations using Robotic Surgery as the best alternative in reducing the risk of surgery.

In just a short time span of about 5 years, RS Bunda Jakarta reaches more than 200 first cases of SurgicalRobotic. “Surely this is a very exciting achievement for us. As a service center with mission and vision to provide the best health and medical services, RS Bunda Jakarta always prioritizes advanced technology-based facilities that have advantages over out-dated technology. It is our duty, health and medical personnel to continue to innovate in providing health and medical services that provide the best benefits for patients “.

RS Bunda Jakarta is an alternative for surgical patients who want to do Robotic Surgery to do it in the country just because it is more cost-effective in addition to also help government programs on Medical Tourism is being intensively promoted. “We believe that Indonesia has quality health and medical personnel and facilities that are not less than other countries. For that we appeal to the entire community as a good Indonesian citizen, should also support government programs to entrust any medical process to the existing hospital in Indonesia. And at RS Bunda Jakarta itself, we offer the best service supported by the latest technology with more cost-effective compared to the cost in hospitals of neighboring countries.

The cost of operating with this robot is expensive, but through the advantages of doing surgery with robotic surgery is in accordance with the price. For the cost of Robotic Surgery offered RS Bunda Jakarta much cheaper with an estimated 40% of the cost in some hospitals neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. And as a pride of RS Bunda Jakarta with the achievement of 200 patients robotic surgery Indonesia.

With the achievement of 200 robotic surgery patients in Indonesia, the RS Bunda “by Mr.Peter Barton-Smith MBBS MD MRCOG (United Kingdom) & Dr Ivan R Here, MD Franzcog GDRM MMIS SpOG, held on May 5, 2017 at Multi Gun Room RSIA Bunda Jakarta, attended by medical personnel who want to know more about the operation with the robot.

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