Emergency Room 24 Hours


Services Emergency Room (ER) is one of the spearheads of health care in a hospital. Each hospital must have had emergency services that serve medical services 24 hours. RSIA Bunda Jakarta also has a 24-hour emergency service with some general practitioners who serve them. ER 24-hour airport particular cases of emergency.

The purpose of the emergency services is to provide first aid to patients who are dating and avoid various risks, such as: death, cope with an accident victim, or disaster lainnla directly require action.

Services at the Intensive Care Unit for patients who datangakan immediate action is taken in accordance with their needs and priorities. For patients who are classified as emergency (acute) will direct action save lives (life saving). For patients who are not classified as acute and emergency oengobatan be done according to the needs and problems which case it will be sent home after home.

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