Ultrasound 3/4 Dimension

usg4D_01Seeing the progress of advanced technology at this point lead to the health authority and the equipment with which to continue to develop new innovations in the field of health as well. RSIA Bunda Jakarta with a focus on maternal and child services are also complementary content inspection facilities and amenities kebidannya with the ultrasound (USG) ¾ Dimensions.

With  ultrasound ¾ D facility will greatly help doctors to improve the quality of diagnosis performed. Transvaginal ultrasound using a high-risk patients can find out if the pregnancy lasts normally or not. This examination is highly recommended, especially for those women who mempuyai a history of bleeding or pain during pregnancy, once abortion or have had pregnancy outside the womb. With the  ultrasound ¾ D in obstetrics and gynecology fetus can be checked visually and better.

Ultrasound examinations were done in detail to see the growth and development of the fetus and organs. With this pemerriksaan abnormalities that may arise will also be detected from now.

Cervical Length Assessment
By doing the measurement of the length of the cervix can be identified likelihood of premature birth or birth has not been on time. Ultrasound to screening in the first trimester of pregnancy should be done in about 5 weeks (4-12 weeks). Screening in the second trimester should be done at about 20 weeks gestational age (18-23 weeks). Meanwhile, in the third trimester ultrasound examination to assess fetal development should be done at 32-34 weeks of gestation.

In addition to the checks related to the field of pregnancy and gynecology, ultrasound ¾ D can also be used for other areas, such as:

Children :  Baby Ultrasound Head and knowing the baby’s organs disorders
Adults :  Internal medicine, Cardiology (Heart), Breast, Thyroid, ect.


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