Allergy Clinic Children

alergi_anak_01Allergic disease is generally caused by several factors, such as food, heredity and environment (dust, cold air, medicines and materials commonly used). To ensure a trigger factor is not easy. A proper examination by a physician is necessary to determine what treatment will be done, such as food taboos what to avoid, etc. The symptoms caused by allergies can also vary, such as symptoms of redness, itching of the skin, cough, runny nose, sneezing morning until severe symptoms such as shortness of breath.

RSIA Bunda Jakarta providing services to the child – the baby’s mother is having problems in terms of health. RSIA Bunda Jakarta are equipped with ministry services pediatrician who are competent in dealing with children’s health. In this case the complaint about the problem of allergies in children also is dalah services we provide to support services in children. Some pediatric patients with complaints of signs or symptoms of allergy can be examined by a pediatrician in RSIA Bunda Jakarta. After the examination, the pediatrician will determine what treatment is right thing to do to avoid the return of such allergies.



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