hea_kebidananRSIA Bunda Jakarta has a midwifery clinic that serves prenatal care, disease womb and labor. Facilities which are also provided to support the midwifery clinics are facilities ¾ D ultrasound to determine fetal development in pregnant mother.

In the days before delivery, antenatal classes are also given as knowledge and preparation for pregnancy and childbirth. In addition we also have a lactation clinic to find out how to prepare and give ation is good and right. RSIA Bunda Jakarta have nurses and midwives as well as physicians telatih gynecologist and obstetrics specialist, to help women who wish to consult around issues of content and obstetrics.

  For Information Please Contact : ( 021 – 319 22005 ext. 5110 & 5111 ) Client Service : 021 – 319 22005 ext. 5145

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