Dental Clinic

Dental care is the effort made to keep teeth healthy and can menjalanka function properly. Now, RSU C-BMC Padang comes with Dental Clinic to provide maintenance services for your dental health. Services available at our hospital is dental services in the form of preventive and treatment.

Preventive Services consists of :

1. Fissure Sealant (gap tooth fillings) 2. Bleaching (teeth whitening) 3. Cleaning (Cleaning tartar) 4. Expansion Orthodontics (Evens jaw teeth to perfect and balanced growth).

Services Treatment consists of :

1. Filing (Filling cavities as well as to restore the masticatory function and aesthetic) 2. Fixed / Removable Dentires (Making dentures that mastication normal bias back) 3. Extraction (Revocation on the teeth) 4. Trimming (Cleaning so no leftovers cause cavities)
For information please contact phone. ( 0751 ) 23164 

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