Cardiologist Clinic

icu rsu jakartaHeart disease more experienced at the present time and requires special attention a heart specialist for examination. Cases experienced by patients with heart disease can vary, such as narrowing of the coronary arteries, narrowing of the heart valves and heart disease associated with the other.

To support the service specificity (specialization), RSU C-BMC Padang provides consulting services specialization heart doctors to help patients both children and adults (women). For you, the patients who have a variety of complaints, especially related to cardiovascular health problems can go directly to the heart specialists directly to RSU C-BMC Padang at the doctor’s office hours.

After consulting the patient, the doctors spesialisas heart will provide treatment or therapy according to the patient’s complaints and problems. For patients with a high difficulty level and require further action (surgery) or other medical action will be referred to a specialized heart hospital by the doctor RSIA Bunda Jakarta in order to do the right thing.

For information please contact phone ( 0751 ) 23164 

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