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RS Bunda Group

24-Hour Labor

One of the medical services at RSIA Bunda Ciputat is 24-hour delivery. Although technology and current medical knowledge have been able to predict the time of a mother’s delivery, some unexpected things and conditions can trigger labor beyond the expected time. RSIA Bunda Ciputat realizes the importance and vulnerability of this labor period and provides 24-hour delivery at RSIA Bunda Ciputat to increase the comfort and safety of childbirth for both mother and child.

The delivery medic at RSIA Bunda Ciputat consists of general practitioners, midwives, and obstetricians (Obsgyn). In addition to friendly and well-trained medical personnel, RSIA Bunda Ciputat is also supported by adequate facilities. RSIA Bunda Ciputat provides a quality delivery room so that the mother’s delivery process can run well and smoothly.
Some delivery rooms are also accompanied by hospitalization and equipment so that visitors, family, and friends can attend the mother comfortably.

RSIA Bunda Ciputat has five inpatient rooms for maternal deliveries with facilities and prices that you can choose for yourself. From the Suite Room, which provides consumption and additional space for visitors, one cabinet and one wardrobe, and 24-hour room service. The Prime and Deluxe Rooms also offer private rooms, refrigerators, and private bathrooms. At the same time, the economical Superior and Standard Rooms also provide the best service for room users. Each type of room is equipped with a nurse call system, WiFi, television, free parking, and standard health protocols for the comfort and safety of mothers, babies, and shared visitors.

In an emergency, RSIA Bunda Ciputat also provides a 24-hour ambulance ready to pick you up and take you to the hospital. With the 24-hour ambulance at RSIA Bunda Ciputat, you don’t have to worry about traffic jams, wrong directions, 24-hour standby, and environmental cleanliness because the 24-hour ambulance at RSIA Bunda Ciputat is also equipped with professional medical personnel and quality equipment and equipment to treat patients with various types of conditions. .

To contact the 24-hour delivery at RSIA Bunda Ciputat, you can contact us at Call Center: 1-500-799.