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RS Bunda Group

Bunda Pain Clinic

Bunda Pain Clinic (BPC)

Bunda Pain Clinic at Bunda Margonda Hospital is a center that provides integrated and sophisticated services to overcome pain problems, especially persistent chronic pain and pain that is difficult to overcome. Carrying modern medical techniques that are safe and effective, without surgery (surgery), called Interventional Pain Management (IPM), and treat pain according to the level of pain suffered by the patient.

Pain is an uncomfortable and disturbing sensation that arises due to damage to body tissues and can have a physical and emotional impact. Chronic pain can interfere with daily activities to reduce the quality of life, which often does not improve even after taking medication.

The concept of a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach involving reliable doctors at Bunda Margonda General Hospital:

1. Anesthesiologist
2. Neurologist
3. Neurosurgeon Specialist
4. Orthopedic Specialist
5. Occupational Specialist
6. Medical Rehab Specialist
and supported by the latest tools and instruments, we are ready to serve you with medical and surgical services according to medical standards.

The advantages of this service in dealing with pain are:

1. No operation
2. No hospitalization
3. Safe and effective measures

Call Center : 1-500-799