dr. Hayatun Nufus, SpPD

Biography : dr. Hayatun Nufus, SpPD merupakan dokter Tim Onkologi di RSU Bunda Jakarta

Spesialist : Dokter Tim Onkologi

Education :

  • 2003 :  Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Jakarta  (Bachelor Of Medicine)
  • 2005 :  Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Jakarta  (Medical Doctor)
  • 2012 :  MD, Internal Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Jakarta Specialty of Internal Medicine

Seminar & Course : 

  • Nufus H, Rizka A, Ramadian O, Dachlan AS, Koesnoe S, Djauzi S. Severe Leg Ulcer due to Erythema Nodosum Leprosum in HIV-infected Patient on HAART. Poster Presentation. Indonesian Association of Physicians in AIDS Care. HIV/AIDS Clinical Research Meeting 2008. Jakarta.
  • Nufus H, Fauzi A, Purba FT, Rani AA. Giant Esophageal Achalasia Being Treated with Gastrostomy. Poster Presentation. Indonesian Society of Gastroenterology. Indonesian Digestive Disease Week 2009 in Jakarta.
  • Nufus H, Ramadian O, Yunihastuti E, Djauzi S. Profile of hospitalized HIV/AIDS patients from March 2008 to 2009 in Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital, Jakarta. Free Paper Presentation. Jakarta Allergy & Clinical Immunology Network (JACIN) 2009.
  • Nufus H, Putranto R, Shatri H, Mudjaddid E. Gangguan panik pada pasien dengan prolaps katup mitral, Poster Presentation. The Annual Meeting of Indonesian Society of Internal Medicine. Jakarta. 2010
  • Nufus H, Sanityoso A. Protein energy malnutrition in liver cirhhosis: how to manage it? The 5thLiver Update 2010. Indonesian Association for The Study of The Liver,Jakarta. Program & Abstract Book.
  • Nufus H, Sucipto L, Sovitri M, Yunihastuti E, Karjadi TH, Djoerban Z. Prevalence and risk factors for severe anemia in newly diagnosed HIV patients. Poster Presentation. Jakarta Allergy & Clinical Immunology Network (JACIN) in Bali, 2010.
  • Idhayu AT, Amarendra G, Nufus H, Simadibrata M. Dysphagia as an early presenting symptom in dermatomyositis. Symposium on Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Related Diseases. Program & Abstract Book. 2010
  • Nufus H. Sekilas tentang osteoporosis yang perlu anda tahu. Artikel kesehatan populer. 12 Oktober 2015. 
  • Damanik J, Indrarespati A, Larasati D, Nufus H. Sindrom Lutembacher dengan sindrom kardiorenal: sebuah laporan kasus. Case report poster presentation. Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan IPD, 2015.
  • Febriani Putri R, Militania A, Agung I, Maruli H, Nufus H, Paramita D. A rare case of extranodal manifestation of non hodgkin lymphoma in reproductive system. Case report poster presentation. ROICAM 4. Jakarta, 2016.
  • Bunawan NC, Khairan P, Militania A, Nufus H, Paramita D. Limfoma Hodgkin dengan gagal jantung kongesti fraksi ejeksi rendah. ROICAM 4. Jakarta, 2016.
  • Dewiastuti M, Rachmaningrum G, Nufus H, Paramita D. Pendekatan diagnosis dan tatalaksana purpura trombositopenia terkait imun pada koinsidensi infeksi virus hepatitis C. Case report poster presentation. ISMI HOTTI 2017, Jakarta.
  • Araminta AP, Alkaff M, Nufus H, Paramita D. Multiple primary malignancies involving renal cell carcinoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma of the ileum: case report. Case report poster presentation. Abstract Book. ROICAM 5. Jakarta, 2017.
  • Nufus H, Burhan E, Paramita D, Siahaan I. Rare complication of jugular vein thrombosis in tuberculous lymphadenopathy. Case report oral presentation. Update on Management of B Cells Malignancy. Hematology Medical - Oncology Updates. Semarang, 2018.
  • Nufus H, Paramita D. Transfusion-associated circulatory overload (TACO): early recognition and successful management of pulmonary transfusion reaction. Case report poster presentation. The 2018 Pre- & Post Highlights of American Society of Hematology (ASH) in Asia-Pacific. Bali, 2018.
  • Rahardja C, Hario Sakti MY, Nufus H, Paramita D, Alwi S. A rare case of bilaterap phlegmasia cerule dolens in advanced cancer patient with unknown primary site. The 2018 Pre- & Post Highlights of American Society of Hematology (ASH) in Asia-Pacific. Bali, 2018.
  • Nufus H. I am Doctor and I will fight against cancer, what about you? 4 Februari 2019.

Organization :

  • Indonesian Medical Association (IDI)
  • Indonesian Society of Internal Medicine (PAPDI)
  • Indonesian Society of Hematology and Medical Oncology (Perhompedin)
  • European Society of Medical Oncology
  • Indonesian Society of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine (PHTDI)

Experience : 

  • Present : Dokter Tim Onkologi

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