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About Prof.dr. Ponco Birowo, SpU(K), Ph.D

dr. Ponco Birowo, Spd.U(K), Ph.D is an experienced Urology Specialist. Currently, he practices at RSU Bunda Jakarta as a Urology Specialist. He completed his Urology Specialist education at Indonesia University in 2005 and earned a Doctorate in Philosophy of Urology at the Hannover Medizinische Hochshule, Germany, in 2009.

dr. Ponco Birowo, Spd.U(K), Ph.D is a member of the Indonesian Association of Urologist (IAUI). He currently serves as a Lecturer at the Department of Surgery, Urology Division, Indonesia University. The health services he provides include PCNL (Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy), Kidney Transplant, Fertility Examination, Urology consultation.

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