Growth and Development Clinic

tumbuh kembangServices growth and development clinic and Integrated Education was created specifically to assist parents in overcoming problems in children appropriately and accurately, in order to obtain management in accordance with the needs of children and families. growth and development clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic that seeks to monitor and address the issue of growth and development of children from birth. Infants and children who memilikii risk of interference with the growth and development require long-term monitoring since infants aged 3 months to 2 years, by a child neurologist (Paediatric Neurology).

Factors their growth and development disorders in children in general, is :

  • Infants with low birth weight (less than 1,500 grams).
  • Preterm infants (premature) with gestational age less than 32 weeks.
  • Babies with health problems in the perinatal period (ranging from 28 weeks
  • gestation until the age of 7 days), such as respiratory distress syndrome, hiperbilirubinemi (yellow), or other
  • situations that require exchange transfusion, seizures in newborns and meningitis.
  • Infants with congenital infections (congenital): cytomegalovirus, toxoplasma, rubella and syphilis.

In infants – children who have growth disorders, such as :

  • Infants with congenital abnormalities such as Down syndrome or Trisomy 21.
  • Children with delays in speech or communication disorders, hearing and vision problems.
  • Babies and Children with delays in the motor system, such as: late sitting, late runs.
  • Children with learning difficulties.
  • Children with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity.

Early and periodic monitoring all aspects of growth and development of infants – children will increase the likelihood of the child to be able to maintain an optimal quality of life.

Growth and Development Clinic RSIA Bunda Jakarta handled by Tim Growth consisting of specialist doctors and therapists who have berpegalaman in the field of child development, among others:

  • Neurologist Children
  • Doctor of Medical Rehabilitation
  • Physician Children’s Mental Health
  • psychologist
  • Physical Therapist / Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech Therapist

Ratings (assessment) will be performed on all infants – children with complaints of growth and development by a team of doctors consisting of child neurologists, medical rehabilitation specialists and psychologists.

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