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The First Hospital to Pioneer Robotic Surgery in Indonesia Carry out your surgical procedure with a more stable and shorter recovery period with the medical robot technology system at Bunda Hospital Group.
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Highest Standards in Healthcare


Innovative Developments of Our Health Services

Bunda Hospital Group provides and develops various health services and comfortable facilities for patient treatment. We handle health consultation, child development, and dental care. We also help develop patients’ healing processes to achieve the maximum result with utmost care.


Our Patient Testimonials

Fanina feels that robotic surgery gives precise surgery results that won't harm healthy tissues. “I am very satisfied. Hopefully....

- dr. Fanina

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dr. Caecilia

dr. Caecilia underwent unsuccessful insemination in 2016 before opting for a robotic technique to clean her myoma. "I hope that robotic surgery information could be more spread so that it'll be more known," Caecilia hoped.

Primadewi Evitasari

Because it never healed from myoma, Evita finally chose robotic surgery. “The healing process is swift. Two or three days after the surgery, I was able to go to work. The surgical scars are also tiny,” said Evita.


Harmoko's Parkinson prohibits him from walking and talking. “The SBNC team at RSU Bunda Jakarta was on time. The therapists give a lot of directions and suggestions regarding what I can do at home,” said Harmoko.

Cynthia Lamusu & Surya Saputra

Atharva Bimasena Saputra and Ataya Tatjana Aisyah Putri were born prematurely to Cynthia Lamusu and Surya Saputra. Thanks to the care of the NICU RSIA Bunda Jakarta, the twins managed to achieve excellent health on December 22, 2016.

Indra Perdana S & Feby Rizky Andhika

After eight years of struggle, Feby Rizky Andhika managed to give birth to her baby, Baehati Aaleyah Sinaga, safely through a cesarean section at RSIA Bunda Jakarta on Wednesday, September 9, 2020.

Rianti Cartwright & Alfoncius Dopot

After waiting for 10 years, Rianti Cartwright and Alfoncius Dopot Parulian Nainggolan were blessed with their first daughter, Cara Rose Kanaya Nainggolan at RSIA Bunda Jakarta with Morula IVF Indonesia on Saturday, July 25, 2020.


Our Patient Testimonials

  • Fanina feels that robotic surgery gives precise surgery results that won't harm healthy tissues. “I am very satisfied. Hopefully, RSIA will continue to innovate and follow developments for RSIA Bunda patients."

    - Jutin Munandarn


News and Articles

Bunda Hospital Group is one of the BMHS business units that has been established and experienced in the healthcare industry since 1973.

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Bundamedik Healthcare System (BMHS) provides healthcare services by bringing modern technology to develop various health services spread across Jakarta, Padang, Bekasi, Tangerang, and Bali. The journey of the Bundamedik Healthcare System began in 1961 when dr. Rizal Sini, Sp.OG introduced a private maternity clinic. On March 27, 1973, dr. Rizal Sini, Sp.OG established Rumah Sakit Bersalin Bunda, a special maternity clinic for comfortable and friendly health services during pregnancy.

In 1976, Rumah Sakit Bersalin Bunda changed its status from a foundation to a hospital service business with a legal entity (PT). The notary involved in this case is Adlan Yuliza S.H. Rumah Sakit Bersalin Bunda is now known as the Rumah Sakit Ibu dan Anak (RSIA Bunda). To keep up with the development of Indonesian medical science, PT Bundamedik collaborates with various parties to create better health services and produces an alliance called the Bunda Indonesia Hospital Alliance. In 2009, Bundamedik Healthcare System built other business units, including RSIA Bunda Jakarta, RSU Bunda Margonda Depok, RSU Bunda Padang, BIC, Morula IVF (IVF), Emergency Response, Diagnos (clinical laboratory), and IMTB (Indonesia Medical Tourism Board).